Becoming Familiar with Drawing Scenarious

The hardest things to master in wild card video poker games are the drawing scenarios that occur. There are many advanced and difficult situations that can occur in these games and it is a good idea to become familiar with them.

Made Flushes

Suppose the player is dealt a made flush and it consists of a since wild deuce; in most cases, they would hold on to the made hand because it guarantees a prize for a fairly decent payout. What many do not know is there are many chances to break the made hands in a profitable way. For example, if the player is given a flush of 98742, he should break the flush and discard the 4 in this scenario.

When to Break a Flush

The only time a player should break a made flush is if he has 3 cards in a row that are not wild and are the number 5 or higher. The example used above says the player has the 987 group; this means there are 3 non-wild cards in a row and they fit in with the 5 and higher card rule. Also, a flush should never be broken unless the player has 4 to a royal.

These guidelines are really simple and can take you a long way in the game if they are remembered. There are many portals that promise to provide the best casino games on one page. How many of them actually keep that promise? The poker video gratuit page clearly does an outstanding job with its offers. The site provides free games as well.  If a player takes note of and follows these easy rules, then it is guaranteed they will be on the road to becoming an expert-level player of Deuces Wild video poker.